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Crécerelle D'arceline


Heir to a Gallian noble house, Crécerelle D'arceline left her homeland on pilgrimage to see the world and adventure for a few years. Her house name having been tarnished from The War of Ninety Kings, D'arceline has vowed to restore their honor the best way she knows how. An icon of beauty and Genosian values to those around her-- she is an idealist, and seeks to embody righteousness in an otherwise dark world.

She commands a small retinue of knights and men at arms, excellently equipped and skilled, but moreover chosen for their noble bearings and adherence to chivalric values.


Deck Theme: Knights in shining armor, Mounted Lancers, Sword and Shield Infantry

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Delag Ironfingers


A Dwarf from the far North, Delag is equal parts miner and soldier. His people have feuded with the Goblins of the Iron Islands since time immemorial, and he carries on that noble tradition with pick and pigsticker alike. His mining crew are brave men, used to crawling through narrow tunnels, knives held in their teeth, eyes wide in the near-pitch dark, listening for the telltale ragged breathing of greenskins.

Equipped with heavy but flexible armor, tunnel-knives, warhammers, picks and short swords, there’s not much a Dwarvish Digging Crew can’t handle.

Deck Theme: Sturdy Dwarves, Warhammers, Versatile Units

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The furthest thing in the world from a commander of men or even a soldier, Eskarne the Oathkeeper has a way of attracting fools nevertheless.

She is hounded incessantly by a train of disappointed suitors, rejected pupils, and embittered rivals. This is to say nothing of scholars, observers and cultists who worship her as some sort of demigod! She is one of the greatest spearfighters the Ohanedin race has ever seen--and they know their business. Her erstwhile camp followers… Perhaps not so much.

Deck Theme: Rejected Students, Spear Aspirants, Obsessive Fans, Vengeful Widows

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Gaius Lucullus Sulla

The eldest of the Genosian Paladins currently active, Gaius Lucullus Sulla is an oddity even among his enigmatic kind. Born thousands of years ago in old Ruvia, he was there when Genosism rose to power in his homeland. How he fights for the church and the empire in equal measure, blessed with powers beyond mortal ken.

His personal Cohort, a Ruvian Legion who fight in the old fashion--trained much as he was back in his old military days, with short swords and broad shields. The addition of pistols has changed the game up somewhat, however....


Deck Theme: Heavy Infantry, Blackpowder Guns, Shortsword

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The Warrior-Poet of the North, Kal'Ceska, Warden of Kar-Varun, is one of the greatest warriors of his age and a celebrated philosopher on the side. The pride of northern Karthack's leadership, Kal'Ceska wields the Orichalcum axe Parashu, and leads an army of battle-hardened Kals and their Shulka retainers.

Equally skilled in archery and mounted combat, they are equipped to handle any foe from the Marju Hordes of the steppe to infidel invaders from the West and South.


Deck Theme: Eastern Cavaliers, Horse Archers, Heavy Infantry

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His name is King. One of the most feared mercenary leaders across all of Vosca, he is as legendary in his arrogance, as he is mastery of the battlefield. Some say he can rip a man out of his armor with his bare hands. Others swear he can strike faster, and harder than the eye can see. He never uses weapons, and in defiance of all common sense, he never wears much armor.

His gang, the King’s Men are like him--albeit most fight with clubs and knives instead of going mano-a-mano. The King’s Men are a weird assortment of freaks and strongmen led by the most freakish strongman alive. For King!

Deck Theme: Unarmed Fighters, Pugilists, Thugs

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Rade Sark

One of the Nine Admiral-Princes of the Zellish people, Rade Sark has served many masters in his life, but never willingly. Now, in command of eleven tribes of his people united under the banner of Yog-Yalang, the God of Fleets, he prowls the Sea of Eyes, seething with hatred for humankind and their devices.


His men are sea-reavers, skilled with their forward-sweeping sabers and pistols, and they are best suited for combat at medium to close range.


Deck Theme: Sea-Elf Raiders, Pirates, Cut-throats

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Rudgar the Reclaimer


A Goblin what? King? They have kings!? Yes indeed they do, and Rudgar the Reclaimer was the first! At least he’s pretty sure he was the first. Not a whole lot written down on the subject. A natural leader of men (or goblins rather) Rudgar was the greatest warrior of his people, and now leads a small warband of his kinsmen to the surface, to explore the bright-world and retake what should be rightfully theirs.

An eclectic mix of spearmen, knife-fighters, chain-swingers and archers, you never know what you’re going to get from a Goblin War Party.


Deck Theme: Goblin Infantry, Archers, Goblin Helmcrackers

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Sarah Gizka

The Legend herself, Sarah Gizka killed her first human being with a rock at the age of eight. A decade later, she is one of the most experienced warriors of her generation, a slayer, a warlord, and (according to many) the finest sword-hand in Vosca.

Her mercenary unit, “The Upside Down Ls” or “The Gizka Company” are drawn largely from condemned men, criminals, and bandits. How she keeps these madmen under her thumb is a mystery.

Deck Theme: Cruel Mercenaries, Cavalry, Pikemen

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Sedeas the Wolf


One of the Zophkaga of Karthack’s personal assassins, Sedeas is a high-ranking member of the Shulshidai--the peasant assassins who carry out the Emperor’s will clandestinely. Skilled in all forms of combat but best known for his curious use of a pair of Karthacki Dueling Swords, he and his brigade of religious fanatics and assassins are willing to bring down any target, or die trying.

Equipped with patas, urumis, katars, throwing-chakrams and daggers, the Shulshidai are a bizarre and disparate band of killers.


Deck Theme: Eastern Assassins, Cultists, Dual Wielders

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Wilhelm the Strong


Once a Knight of the Green Brotherhood, Wilhelm the Strong, known for his heavy armor and enormous flanged mace, made some unfortunate friends. Now he spends his time serving “The Good Lady,” a witch from Karthack who commands legions of the undead, and who travels across Vosca pursuing some dark end that Wilhelm, being an uncomplicated man at the best of times, has not bothered to try and understand.

The horde of undead fight with all means available to them, and will mostly threaten to drag down their foes through sheer weight of numbers--and resilience.


Deck Theme: Undead Infantry, Undead Knights, Occultists

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